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Pokemon Booster Box Hidden Fates

Not original. Great for gifts, art, placeholder for your missing cards. 

These are highest quality remakes like original. 

Pokemon is a highly popular card game that is loved by millions of fans. Get your hands on all the latest Pokemon cards with this special booster box that will give you all the cards you need to play your favorite game. A great way to expand your collection and get you started in the game. With all the cards you need to set you up for success, you can build a deck that will take you to the top of the game and beyond. Hidden Fates Booster Box Set

Hey, do you remember those fun days of your childhood where you would play Pokemon on your Gameboy with your friends all day? Well, now you can relive that experience with a Pokemon Booster Box. Inside this box are 36 packs of cards with Pokemon inside. These cards are great for collectors and make a perfect gift. The Pokemon Booster Box is 36 packs of cards that are great for collectors and make a perfect gift. Are you a Pokemon Trainer in training? You’ll need these Pokemon Booster Boxes to catch ’em all! Each Pokemon Booster Box includes 36 packs of Pokemon cards, and each pack includes 10 cards. Collect all the cards and build your own deck! Beware of the Pokemon Trading Card Game! FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $50 Delivery 2-3 weeksZTS