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Product Description

The bicycle basket bag is a practical and stylish option that you can use to store your bicycle or other essentials. This stylish and functional option allows you to keep things like food and drinks safely stored on the back of your bike. It is an excellent way to keep your bike clean and look stylish at the same time. It also has a practical storage compartment that you can use to store other items. It is an excellent way to protect your bike from dirt and scratches. It is also a stylish accessory that will be loved by all cyclists.

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Certification: NIL
Material: Polyster
Function: With Lid
Model Number: BSK-001
Type: Storage Bag for Bicycle
Mount position: Handle Bar
Color: Per order option
Compartment: 1 main bag and 2 pouches
Size: Please refer to graphics below
Load: Max. 3KGS / 6.6lb.
Net weight: About 760 grams
Made in (Mainland)
Stock location: Shanghai,