Safe And Stable Ab Roller Wheel, Non-Slip Two-Wheeled Abdominal


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Double-wheel balance design, with stronger bearing capacity, uniform force, safe and stable, activate deep core muscle group.
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main feature

1. Environmentally friendly materials, safe and tasteless
2. Non-slip, wear-resistant and safe
3. Lightweight and easy to carry

FED home entry-level belly wheel

For core muscle groups
For core muscle groups, fitness is easier

For core muscle groups
Easy to shape a beautiful belly
Anti-skid design of the roller, silent training does not hurt the floor

The outside of the belly wheel is made of plastic, which is non-slip and smooth during use, no noise and no damage to the floor.
Non-slip handle, safe and reliable fitness

The abdominal grip wheel is made of plastic and has a matt and non-slip texture to prevent muscle strain caused by slippage during use

Built-in alloy steel tube, high strength, more stable bearing

The thick alloy steel tube is used inside the belly wheel, which can effectively bear the load and the load is more uniform.
Free adjustment of intensity to suit advanced training
Anti-skid, anti-skid, anti-skid tire texture, two forms can be assembled at will
Silent roller, non-slip and wear-resistant. Elastic anti-skid wheel surface, quiet movement, anti-skid and wear-resistant. Quick disassembly, lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Convenient and easy to use: The ab scroll wheel can strengthen your core, burn calories and condition your abdomen.
  • Fast fat burning: targeted, burning belly fat faster. After completing 3 sets of movements, you can feel the heat of the abdomen. Compared with sit-ups, it can reduce the pressure on the lower back and avoid straining the lower back muscles.
  • Multi-angle work: widened wheels and ergonomic handles ensure smooth rolling and support forward and bevel work. Support the overall progress of the abdominal arm chest movement and make the movement more interesting.
  • Wear-resistant and silent: it consists of anti-skid layer, reinforcement layer, shock absorption layer, sound absorption layer and support layer. It is wear-resistant, does not hurt the floor, and has a good mute effect.
  • Best choice: If you still want to have healthy muscles and lines, do it now. Our abdominal muscles can help you reach your goals quickly.